Internet Marketing & SEO Tools (my swiss-army knives)

  1. Screaming Frog – The Screaming Frog SEO Spider allows you to quickly crawl, analyze and audit a site from an onsite SEO perspective.
  2. Free Excel Workbook for Analyzing Screaming Frog Data by LunaMetrics – a downloadable excel sheet that counts, totals, and visualizes the data Screaming Frog gives you. Check the report tab of this excel sheet template, it is very cool 🙂
  3. BuzzSumo – Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.
  4. Answer The Public – get the best content ideas in few seconds. I typed a keyword “search engine optimization” and got a fantastic visualization of various content ideas.
  5. Whitespark Citation Finder – If you’re a small business and would like to optimize your online presence with local SEO, this is a perfect tool. Local citations are crucial if you wan to rank your business high on Google 3-pack.
  6. Majestic – Very popular tool among the SEO professionals. Provides detailed metrics about a domain with trust flow and citation flow rankings. Good tool to investigate backlinks of a domain.
  7. PowerMapper – PowerMapper is a web crawler that automatically creates a site map of a website using thumbnails of each web page. A number of map styles are available, although the cheaper Standard edition has fewer styles than the Professional edition.
  8. SortSite – a brilliant website crawler that finds quality issues including accessibility, browser compatibility, broken links, legal compliance, SEO, usability and web standards compliance.
  9. BrowSEO – BROWSEO is a web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles. It also highlights parts of a page that are relevant for SEO.
  10. Convert Web Page to PDF – You are only 3 steps away from converting your web page into a PDF. 1. Enter the URL of a page 2. Click convert to PDF red button 3. Your PDF is ready in few seconds.

Project Management, Workflow & Team Collaboration

  1. Evernote – Remember Everything – Modern life can be complicated. Simplify it with Evernote, the app to manage it all.
  2. Trello – Threesite is u sing Trello when working with client’s projects. It has simple and intuitive design framework. Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.
  3. XMind – Free edition is available. An opensource and very popular mind mapping software. Sync well with Evernote.
  4. Zapier – Want to connect your apps together. Zapier is a go-to tool.

Campaign Management (keeping it all together)

  1. SEMRush – this internet and SEO marketing “machine” includes ranking data, social analysis, SEO suggestions, content investigation, competitive analysis, back-link reporting and keyword discovery. Definitely in my top 3, is there any tool better? Want to check it out? Free trial available.
  2. Raven Tools – founded by Raven Jon (Jon Henshaw), this must-have internet marketing management system has everything from campaign reporting, audits, metrics, link data, content management, research centres and competitive analysis to CRM, Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools / Analytics connectivity and social media management. One of the best campaign management tools on the market with a free trial available
  3. Moz – founded by Rand Fishkin, this powerhouse includes rankings, link research deep-dives, brand mentions, campaign reporting, crawl test, website error reporting, research tools and social media campaign monitoring. Again, one of the best internet marketing management tools available, also with a free trial available.

Toolbars & Plugins (that I can’t live without)

  1. BuiltWith Extension – find out what a website is built with, by a simple click on the builtwith button.
  2. MozBar for Chrome and Firefox – SEO metrics, research, keyword / rank difficulty, page analysis, markup validation and social metrics
  3. FireShot for Chrome and Firefox – powerful screenshot tool including annotations, print, clipboard, email, export, save (PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP), capture visible or selection
  4. Majestic Backlink Analyser for Chrome and Firefox – quick backlink investigation and analysis, with one click
  5. Pocket Browser Extensios – in a rush and want to save a web page for later viewing? These plug-ins are a must-have
  6. Buffer for Chrome and Firefox – share content to Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In from anywhere on the web, with one click
  7. Trello Resources for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers – a complete list of every resource, plugin and extension available (by Trello!)
  8. Firebug for Chrome (Lite version) and Firefox – inspect HTML, modify style and layout in realtime and debug JavaScript
  9. IE (Internet Explorer) Tab for Chrome – render pages in IE while using Chrome, use ActiveX controls and test pages with different versions of IE (IE6, IE7, IE8, or IE9)
  10. Google URL Shortener for Chrome – one click, copy and paste and you’re off
  11. Bitly URL Shortener for Chrome – perfect for on-the-fly custom URL shortening, bundles or campaigns
  12. WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar for Chrome and Firefox – provides visual feedback about the accessibility of your web content via icons and indicators. Of all the plugins I have, this is (by far) my favourite. Try it and see.
  13. Chris Pederick’s Web Developer for Chrome and Firefox – adds various web developer tools to your browser in a simple-to-use I/F
  14. SEOBook Toolbar for Firefox – good toolbar that provides a ton of on-the-fly SEO data (Sorry guys and girls, I don’t use Internet Explorer (does anyone anymore??)

Brilliant Website Marketing Guides, Blogs, Blog Posts & YouTube Channels


  1. The Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz – and their free Academy (including previous MozCon vid’s)  is chock-full of beginner to advanced material
  2. Distilled’s Online University – their paid online university covers everything from search engine basics to information architecture and all previous SearchLove and LinkLove videos. Well worth the subscription, especially for newbies
  3. SEO Starter guide by Google
  4. Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO by themselves
  5. What SEO Beginners Need to Know – A Basic Skills Guide by eConsultancy
  6. Technical SEO Site Audit Checklist – 2015 Edition by Geoff Kenyon
  7. The Most Actionable SEO Tips Ever by Steve Webb (WebGnomes) – almost 3,000 social shares later, where do I start with this? This was the original crowd-sourced mega post, featuring 47 x SEO professionals, that started it all (IMHO). A real pleasure to be part of!
  8. Quick SEO Wins: 31 Ideas from the experts by Matter Solutions – looking for low-hanging SEO quick-win fruit? Featuring me and a host of other pro’s, grab a coffee and read.
  9. One Sites’ Recovery from an Ugly SEO Mess by Alan Bleiweiss – A stunning, detailed account of how Alan turned around the fortunes of a client. Full of gems. Bookmark.
  10. 7 Alerts to Monitor your SEO Process Opportunities & Issues by Aleyda Solis. There’s a reason why this was the “best read post of 2014”.
  11. The 100 Best Free SEO Tools & Resources for Every Challenge – Interactive Guide by Cyrus Shepard. No list would be complete without this – go grab a bucket of coffee.
  12. MozCon 2014 Live Notes by Lauren Hall-Stigerts – 59 pages. Fifty-nine damn pages of live note-taking. IMO Lauren ruled the internet that day!
  13. Yep, Lauren was back to live note-take at MozCon 2015 – see her awesome notes here (or download her PDF!) NEW
  14. SEO Theorems and Principles by SEO Theory (Michael Martinez) – a brilliant deep-dive into SEO theories and principles that should shape your practice.. but be warned, this post is an intense journey. If you’re an SEO, one word: READ!

International SEO

  1. Moz’s Guide to International SEO – Everything you wanted to learn about international SEO, and some.
  2. The International SEO Checklist by Aleyda Solis – Nifty infographical checklist (hi-res downloadable). Check out her Intl SEO Map too
  3. Use hreflang for Language and Regional URLs by Google – excellent guide with video for beginners
  4. Establishing Your International SEO Strategy by SEER Interactive – An A-Z must-read,no further comments required
  5. 7 Factors to Check for International SEO – another great post by Aleyda Solis via State of Digital
  6. Altura Interactive’s 2015 Calendar of the Most Important Event Dates for Mexico, Spain & the USA by Zeph Snapp’s company and created by Rosa Salazar (Community Manager) – a cool resource for those wanting to attend events in those areas
  7. Creating the Right Home Page for International Users over on Google Webmaster Central Blog
  8. Troubleshooting hreflang Annotations in Webmaster Tools another key post over on GWCB
  9. International SEO Guide by Level 343 (Gabriella Sannino) – “Marketing to another culture is about more than just translating your website and doing a currency conversion” – isn’t that the truth! Not sure where to start? Let Gab’s guide you.
  10. This Google+ update from John Mueller (Jan 2015) on using hreflang for international pages

Local SEO

  1. How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit by Casey Meraz – the detail this post goes into is frightening!
  2. Top Local Citation Sources by Country for USA, Canada, UK and Australia, excellent curated list by Whitespark
  3. The Local Search Ranking Factors 2014 Edition by Moz with commentary by experts in the field
  4. SEO for Start-Ups and New Businesses by Andrew Delamarter, a good blueprint to get your brand on the local map, pronto
  5. Visual Guide to Local SEO by Duct Tape marketing, a local SEO infographic that delivers (includes templates, structures and full references)
  6. Google’a Pigeon Update by Search Engine Land, a collection of posts featuring Neil Patel, Barry Schwartz, Myles Anderson (BrightLocal), Andrew Shotland, Andrew Dorfman, Gregg Gifford, Matt McGee and others
  7. Which SMB Sectors Spend More Online & Get Best Returns by Bright Local, the results of the 2014 SMB Internet Marketing Survey – a brilliant resource that helps us understand the mindset of small and medium businesses
  8. The Best Local Search Blogs of 2014, curated by Bright Local – all-the-local-seo resources in one tidy place!
  9. List of Free Local Search Resources by Local Visibility System (Phil Rozek). Check out the “100 practical ideas for Small Business Blog Posts” – a terrific resource!

eCommerce SEO

  1. Perfecting On-Page Optimization for Ecommerce Websites by Paddy Moogan, a go-to guide I refer to regularly
  2. The Ultimate Guide to SEO for eCommerce Websites by Kiss Metrics. What isn’t included isn’t worth knowing.
  3. How to Fix Thin & Duplicate Content for eCommerce SEO by Inflow. If thin or duplicate content is holding your eCom site back, read this first. Probably the best guide on this topic on the internet
  4. Advanced SEO For Ecommerce: Maximizing Keyword Spread by Nick Eubanks. This kick-ass post changed the way I thought about Keywords – thanks Nick!
  5. eCommerce SEO – The Complete How-To over on BootStrapping eCommerce (by Shabbir) – This post is an A to Z guide and includes a ton of links / resources plus others to follow on social. Excellently written! NEW

Video SEO

  1. An SEO’s Guide to Video Hosting and Embedding by Phil Nottingham – full of insight and advice
  2. Wistia’s Guide to Video SEO by Wistia – Excellent guide, from video sitemaps to optimisation after indexation
  3. The Secret Guide to Video and SEO by KissMetrics – setting goals, increasing conversions, attracting links and more
  4. 5 SEO Tools You Need to Use BEFORE Publishing a YouTube Video by Ann Smarty on ReelSEO – don’t press “publish” until you’ve read this
  5. Surviving Without Snippets: Your New Video SEO Strategy by Casey Henry – last July, Google pulled the rug of rich-snippetry. So what now? Casey guides us.

Image Optimisation NEW

  1. Yoasts’ Optimising Images for SEO – nice beginners guide. Includes finding them, using them in articles and what to do when you add them
  2. How To Optimise Your Images for SEO – a thorough walk-through including stats, file names, sitemaps, site speed, international websites and social media. Excellent post from eConsultancy
  3. Google Developer’s Image Optimisation for Content Efficiency – a geek’s delight! Everything from Vector vs Raster Images and selecting the right image format to parameter tuning and an image optimization checklist
  4. 18 Image Compressors to Speed Up Your Website – rounding off this section, take it away Mashable: “get aggressive and take control of your image sizes to deliver a faster loading website to your users..” – can’t add more. Go create a better user experience.

Mobile SEO

  1. Google Developers’ own Mobile SEO Guide contains the four key areas that need consideration: types of configuration, getting search engines to understand your setup, common mistakes to avoid and optimising for tablets and feature phones
  2. If you’re looking for a comprehensive step-by-step guide on building a mobile-friendly website, grab yourself a pound of coffee and get reading Distilled’s mammoth post.
  3. Search Engine Land’s own Mobile SEO Search section is rammed full of useful posts – everything from mobilegeddon to ranking factors and app indexing.
  4. Read up on the four most common mobile SEO mistakes that developers make when optimising their websites. Excellent post by Peter Meinertzhagen on eConsultancy.
  5. Need some inspiration or ideas for your own mobile-friendly design project? See HubSpot’s 15 Examples of Mobile Website Design featuring Shutterfly, Etsy, Huffington Post Nationwide Insurance and SAP – enjoy 🙂
  6. BuiltVisible’s monster: The Digital Marketers Guide to Mobile Search & SEO includes optimisation, app indexing and promotion and “mobile first” content development – pure brilliance.
  7. This new section wouldn’t be complete without Sean Malseed’s RankTank Mobile-friendly SERP Testing Tool, available on Windows and Macs.

eCommerce Guides (CRO and UX)

  1. 21 x eCommerce Sites That Are Getting It Right by eConsultancy. Who’s setting the examples of what’s possible?
  2. A Guide To E-Commerce Conversion Tracking Using Google Tag Manager by Pier-Yves Valade over on Ludis Media. Comprehensive guide and another bookmark
  3. 15 Hazards That Will Cripple Your E-Commerce Site’s Load Time by Alesia Krush (of Link Assistant) over on KissMetrics. Well now you know. Go fix!
  4. User Experience Tips: How to Seduce eCommerce Visitors to Buy on SituatedResearch. Today’s challenge: spot what they left out!

Website Navigation – Faceted, Filtered & Category

  1. Guide to eCommerce Facets, Filters and Categories by Frank Scharnell
  2. Faceted Navigation Best (and 5 of the worst) Practices via Google Webmaster Central (H/T )
  3. Filters vs. Facets: Definitions by Nielsen Norman Group
  4. Tips for Filtered Navigation in eCommerce by John Doherty
  5. Filtered Navigation in eCommerce – Tips, Do’s & Don’ts by eConsultancy

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

  1. The Beginners Guide to CRO by Qualaroo – new to all-things CRO? This visual guide includes every facet to help increase your conversions
  2. The Small Business Guide to CRO by Simply Business – Flowchart format with a ton of links out to resources
  3. Definitive Guide to Conversion Optimisation by Neil Patel & Joseph Putnam over on Quick Sprout. Excellent advice in chapter 2 “gather data” and chapter 3 “mine for actionable insights”
  4. ConversionXL – a CRO blog by Peep Laja – an A-Z of CRO marvelousity. Subscribe to his email newsletter too 😉
  5. No CRO section would be complete without Nick Eubanks, so here’s a few of my favourite UX posts to get your teeth into:
  6. 5 UX Hacks That Can Immediately Increase Revenue & some head-smacking with These Simple UX Changes Grew Sales 50%.
  7. Did you know that Joel Klettke runs The Pit: Landing Page Critiques group over on Inbound.Org? If you need to improve your CRO (who doesn’t?!) go take a look and get involved!

Technical SEO – posts by Google

  1. Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”
  2. Indicating Paginated Content
  3. Using Canonical URLs
  4. Dynamic URLs vs Static URLs – What’s the difference?
  5. The Impact of Duplicate URLs
  6. Categorising Parameters with the URL Parameters page
  7. Manage URLs with Multiple Parameters
  8. View All in Search Results

Technical SEO – non-Google posts

  1. Rel=Canonical Cheatsheet by Pat Marcello
  2. How and When to Use 301’s vs Rel=Canonical by Brad Miller
  3. Moz’s Guide to URL Redirection including SEO Best-Practice

Link Acquisition

  1. Beginners Guide to Link Building by Paddy Moogan – the same guy who wrote the book below.
  2. The Link Building Book by Paddy Moogan – if you’ve haven’t already got this, give yourself a slap
  3. Link Building Tactics: The Complete List by PointBlankSEO (Jon Cooper) – filter the list of tactics by “time to execute” & “dependencies”
  4. Link Building – The Definitive Guide by Backlinko – nicely curated collection of link building resources
  5. Three excellent posts by Julie Joyce: The Seven Golden Rules of Link Building Revisited,  How To Build Relationships And Links For Your Business (Cool interview with Ronell Smith over on Authority Labs) and (new to this resource page) How Can Link Builders Keep Learning? which includes links to link-building and SEO blogs.

Search Engine Algorithms

  1. Moz’s Google Algo Change History – 15 years of documented updates
  2. Your Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird – Marine Haynes‘ “textbook” on all-things algo
  3. Google Penguin Resource Guide by Linkarati – a brilliantly curated post for all-things Penguin (love the visuals!)
  4. A Guide to Google Panda Recovery – excellent, well-written piece by Marcus Taylor (Venture Harbour)
  5. Google’s Penalty Box – Could Your Webmaster Tools Be Keeping You There? – excellent insight by Sha Menz
  6. HummingBird Unleashed by Gianluca Firoelli – Gianluca waited for the dust to settle before publishing this. His post cites many back-up sources, making this resource invaluable
  7. Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” update went live 21st April 2015 and caused quite a stir. Google provided some (much-needed) facts about the mobile update on the day NEW

Algorithm Monitoring Tools UPDATED

  1. Panguin Tool – log-in via Google Analytics and see which update may have hit your (or your clients) website.
  2. The best SERP algo fluctuation tools I use include: MozCast by Moz, Serp.watchAlgaroo by DejanSEO, Flux by SERPMetrics, Pulse by Ayima and Volatility Index by SERPs

Semantics, Entities, Machine Learning and Google Patents

  1. SEO by the SEO – Bill Slawski’s library of insight, knowledge and patent information
  2. Semantic SEO: Making the Shift from Strings to Things – Aaron Bradley’s post is one of the best I’ve read and perfect for old-school SEO’s looking to make the semantic step-up
  3. Future SEO: String Entity Optimization – an interview with Barbara Starr by Paul Bruemmer on Search Engine Land
  4. 5 Questions About Semantic SEO – by Matthew Brown on the current state (although June 2013, still 100% relevant) of semantic SEO and structured data
  5. Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results by Doc Sheldon – excellent beginner guide to machine learning and learning algorithms
  6. Deep Learning – a new area of Machine Learning research, moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning also run an active Google+ Community
  7. A great list of resources for data science, visualization, machine learning and big data by Data Science Central – a curated beast
  8. An Introduction to Entities and What Is HummingBird and the Entity Search Revolution by David Amerland – good Slideshare presentations on understanding what entities are, how they work and Google’s HummingBird
  9. I Am An Entity – Hacking the Knowledge Graph by Andrew Isidoro. An excellent deep-dive into Google’s Knowledge Graph – how they’re born, data sources and search behaviour. Then he asked Could Branded Web Mentions Supplement the Link Graph? citing patents and Bill Slawski – top-grade insight by Andrew..

Content Strategy

  1. The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources – What hasn’t Jonathon Colman included in this monster?
  2. Developing a Content Strategy by The Content Marketing Institute. Not including this super-useful guide would be criminal.
  3. The What and Why of Content Strategy by – these folks are the “leading resource for user experience (UX) best practices and guidelines, serving practitioners and students in the government and private sectors” ’nuff said
  4. 5 Strategic Steps to Big Content by Mackenzie Fogelson. This post, in itself, is BIG content. Read, bookmark and follow Mack’s advice
  5. 3 Questions You Must Ask Before Outsourcing Content by Ronell Smith. Another straight talker, don’t even think about hiring, till you’ve read this.
  6. What is Creativity by Shelli Walsh over at ShellShock UK. This free e-book is the best I’ve read on all-things-creativity. Submit your name, email and bingo, you’re onto an all-nighter!
  7. How To Structure a Killer Content Marketing Campaign by Sean Smith over on SEONick, Nick Eubanks’ awesome blog
  8. Personas: The Art and Science of Understanding the Person Behind the Visit by Michael King – What are they? How do you build them? User Journeys, outreach and psychology – this resource has it all
  9. Content Strategy Helper Tool – Version 3 by BuiltVisible – using Google Spreadsheets, this 3rd update is a complete rework of the tool with new social sites, content aggregators and news sources. How does Richard Baxter and his team produce this awesomeness?
  10. What is a Channel Plan and Why Do I Need One? by Kate Hagan over on Content Harmony. Your content’s ready? Great. How you going to distribute and promote it once it’s been published? Read on.
  11. Content Marketing Budget Examples For All Business Sizes by Kane Jamison (founder of Content Harmony). What should businesses (of all sizes) and marketers expect to spend on content marketing? What kind of output can they expect to see in return? Invaluable insight.
  12. SEO Essentials for the Content Strategist by Todd McDonald. I know I use “must-read” a lot, but goodness me, if you’re wondering how content strategy & SEO can work together, this whopper is your breakfast, lunch & evening meal.
  13. Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday on Why Good Unique Content Needs To Die discusses the content bar we should be aiming for and how to get there NEW


  1. Create Magnetic Headlines: The Killer Guide to Creating Great Headlines for Maximum Attention by Lyndon Antcliff – if your headlines don’t entice a visitor to read, they’re gone. This superb book (bible) helps make sure that doesn’t happen, go get it!
  2. Business Casual Copywriting Blog is Joel Klettke’s baby. How he crafts his words (exquisite), his directness (refreshing) and his tenacity to say it like it is means checking him out.
  3. How to Write Effective Copy for Your Website by Distilled – Research, USP’s, writing like a human and staying consumer focused – it’s all here. Fabulous stuff!
  4. Essential Copywriting Tips for the 3 Most Important Pages on Your Website by Berry Feldman over on HubSpot – Your “Home”, “Landing” and “About” pages, dissected. Must-read!
  5. 75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts by Kiss Metrics – Yep, seventy-five (a weeks worth?) resources including posts, infographics, guides, books, courses, websites and blogs on all-things-copywriting including headline writing, CTA’s, eCommerce copy and conversion / landing pages. Features (among many) Copyblogger, QuickSprout, UnBounce, Nick Usborne and Copy Hackers. What are you waiting for? Dive in 🙂


  1. Infographics as a Creative Assessment by Kathy Schrock – an entire collection of all-things-infographics. Wow.
  2. The Beginner’s Guide To Creating and Promoting Infographics by Kristi Hines – useful step-by-step guide – why, how and promotion
  3. SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics by Ed Fry over on Distilled – Brainstorm, research and analysis, design and presentation, publishing and sharing. HUGE. Free workbook too
  4. 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics by Neomammaliam Studios (run by Danny Ashton) – this (stunning) infographic “exposes the science behind the boom”
  5. 9 of the Best Animated Infographics on the Web (no kidding!) – a collection of what-can-be-achieved infographics, by those super people at Neomam
  6. 10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Visual Content Marketing – yep, another from Neomam. They are an infographic powerhouse

MicroData / Schema.Org

  1. MicroData, JSON-LD & – Rich Snippets: Everything You Need to Know – by Daniel Butler over at BuiltVisible (I’d suggest following Richard Baxter (founder) too)
  2. Structured Data Markup Validation and Testing Tools – a brilliant resource by SEOSkeptic (Aaron Bradley)
  3. Basic Vocabulary for and Structured Data – learn all the lingo and terminology in another great guide from SEOSkeptic
  4. 20 Ways Business to Business SEO’s Can Leverage Markup by Search Engine Land – want to get ahead of the B2B game using rich snippets and markup? Read on.
  5. Promote Your Content with Structured Data Markup by Google Webmasters – a step-by-step walkthrough with useful Google and non-Google resources.
  6. The Meta and Rich Snippet Tester, created by Sean Malseed is simply brilliant. Bill Sebald wrote a helpful user-guide too NEW

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  1. WordPress SEO – The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Sites by Yoast
  2. A Complete Joomla SEO Guide by Themexpert
  3. OpenCart SEO – The Ultimate Guide by themselves
  4. Advanced SEO Settings for WIX by themselves
  5. ExpressionEngine SEO by Caffeine Creations
  6. The Definitive Guide to Magento SEO by Paul Rogers

Social Media Strategy

  1. The Beginners Guide to Social Media by Moz – Covers value, best practices, metrics and ROI, finding the right network and super guides to all social platforms
  2. Getting Started With Social Media: A Resource Guide by Social Media Examiner – a super-helpful, nicely curated collection of the “how, why and what” of social media platforms
  3. Step by Step Guide to Your Social Media Success by Simply Business – a practical flowchart, with the “best of the best” advice. Awesome!
  4. Killer Tips for a Powerful Social Media Strategy by Lyndon Antcliff over on CognitiveSEO – contains more insight and advice than many so-called “guides” on the ‘net. Bookmark!

Paid Search Advertising NEW

So what exactly is SEM? Or PPC and Paid Advertising for that matter? Search Engine Land have you covered.

  1. The PPC Guide for Beginners Part 1 by Wordstream – Yep, there’s a further 4 guides provided. If you’re new to PPC, start here 😉
  2. Are you a Small Business thinking of using Google Adwords? Cool, you’ll find the SimplyBusiness Adwords Starter Guide super-useful.
  3. Feeling a little more confident with Adwords? Great, take a lookie at Search Engine Land’s extensive selection of posts and guides.
  4. Want to know what’s happening Inside Adwords? Check out Google’s official blog for news, tips and information on just that!
  5. Have you considered adding Bing Ads to your (or your clients) marketing mix? Wordstream shows 7 Ways that Bing Ads Beat Google Adwords.
  6. Already have a Bing Ads account? AdStage’s Comprehensive Guide to Auditing Your Bing Ads Account covers account organisation, campaign settings, keyword audits, negative keywords, landing pages and more.

Social Media Paid Advertising NEW

  1. If you’re new to social media advertising, first take a look at HootSuite’s Beginners Guide – it’s huge and extremely helpful!
  2. BufferApp’s Beginner’s Guide is worth a look too and covers Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.
  3. Hubspot’s Field Guide to Twitter Advertising shows you how to create and launch (successful) campaigns. Includes getting started, ad types, followers, conversions, leads, promoted tweets, audience targeting and a TON more. Extensive!
  4. SproutSocial’s Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising is equally as huge, covering business pages, campaign objectives, budgeting, placements, ad types, “likes” and app engagement. Yep, everything!
  5. What doesn’t SeerInterative’s brilliant Pinterest: A Guide for Marketers include? Snuggly presented as 8 sections (beginner, intermediate, advanced, marketing, advertising, tools, analytics and history) I haven’t found a better, more comprehensive guide on Pinterest Marketing. Bookmark!
  6. Another superb guide from SproutSocial – this time covering all-things Linked-In Advertising. Company pages, showcase pages, self-serve PPC advertising, partner solutions, sponsored InMail and group ads. Another bookmark!
  7. Want to advertise on the most popular social network for young people? HootSuite’s Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Ads is, well, exactly that. Need to know the impact Instagram is having? Check out the links to useful resources.
  8. Rounding this section off, Contently produced a Beginners Guide to YouTube Advertising infographic that covers useful stats, YouTube’s 4 types of ads, TrueView technical requirements, targeting your ideal audience and super ideas for making your ad stand out.

Internet Marketing Blogs

  1. Inbound.Org’s “Ask Me Anything” Q&A series includes a host of industry practitioners. And yes, they answer every question posed! NEW
  2. Blind Five Year Old by AJ Kohn – AJ’s blog is stack-full of insights and research, covering many topics in unique way that gets to the bottom line. Follow!
  3. by Annie Cushing – collection of brilliant insights, tips and advice on Google Analytics, Excel and Google Docs
  4. Matthew Barby’s Blog – Matthew covers everything from Facebook Likes to growing a social following from zero and harnessing the power of influencers. A superb blogger.
  5. Google’s Blog – all the latest news from Google
  6. Higher Visibility’s Blog – check out their “What you need to know” posts, which is why I love reading HigherVisibility – they cut out BS
  7. David Naylor’s Blog – Director of Bronco, David isn’t afraid to share his opinions on industry news and trends (thank goodness – we need more like him!)
  8. SEMRush’s Blog – covers every search engine marketing topic imaginable. The SEMRush team really engages the online marketing community. Special mentions to Elizaveta PerstnevaKathleen GarvinElena TerentyevaMichael Stricker,
  9. Yulia ShevardenkovaArina Boykova and Fernando
  10. Moz’s Blog – some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry post on the Moz blog. Their YouMoz blog is also worth a read. Check out Rand’s own blog too – very honest, authentic and personal account of his own opinions and life experiences
  11. Portent’s Blog, with regular posts from Ian Lurie. Similar to Rand’s blog, Ian’s candidness and humility is a breath of fresh air
  12. Matt Cutt’s Blog – although currently on a sabbatical from Google, Matt still shares his thoughts on all-things-internet and technology
  13. Bruce Clay’s Blog – if it’s happening in the world of internet marketing or SEO, these guys and girls are normally reporting on it or sharing gold-dust
  14. SEO Theory’s Blog – Martin Martinez has been building and promoting Websites since 1996, so his insights and advice is well worth following
  15. Yoast’s WordPress Blog – an essential read for serious WordPress developers. Joost de Valk posts a ton of SEO-based information. Well worth a follow
  16. SEONo Blog by Steve Morgan – another SEO who’s not afraid to voice his opinion and set the record straight. Like his style and suggest following him
  17. SEONick Blog by Nick Eubanks – best know for his CRO and UX posts, he’s also a Keyword Research samurai.
  18. DejanSEO’s Blog by Dan Petrovic – creator of Algaroo, his daily insights on SERP fluctuation and SEO is a must-follow for SEO’s
  19. Siege Media’s Blog by founder Ross Hudgens, who brought you “How to improve Title Tag CTR by 20%+” – need I say more?
  20. These big four need no explanation: Search Engine Land (on Twitter), Search Engine Watch (on Twitter), Search Engine Round Table (on Twitter) & Search Engine Journal (on Twitter)

Business & Personal Growth Blogs

  1. James Altucher’s Blog by James Altucher – Since finding James’ blog, it’s transformed how I think about the choices I make and being true to who I am, especially his book The Power of No. His straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to life and genuine helpfulness make his blog invaluable!
  2. LifeHack by Leon Ho – founded in 2005, his blog offers insight, tips and a sh!t ton of personal development commentary. Well worth following
  3. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta – Leo’s blog is my weekly read of all-things-priority. Just check out his archive and deep-delve into insights, mindsets and why YOU are worth it 🙂
  4. Seth Godin’s Blog by Seth Godin – Aside from his brilliant marketing books, Seth also provides regular short post on all-things personal growth, life and answering the question “Why?”

Videos & YouTube Channels

  1. SEER Interactive – founded by Wil Reynolds, these guys and girls keep raising the bar. Kudos to a shining light in our industry. Check out Wil’s blog and his own YouTube channel – both full of insight and advice
  2. Moz – founded by Rand Fishkin, this team of people live by TAGFEE
  3. Google Webmasters – includes Webmaster Office Hours with Japanese, Chinese, English, English / Hindi, German & Russian languages and (of course) John Mueller’s commentary
  4. Raven Tools – videos include RavenTools tutorials and videos from pro’s around the globe. If you use their software, subscribe!
  5. SEO Training Dojo – as the motto says “where warriors are made”. Run by David Harry and Terry Van Horne with guests who know their onions.
  6. Search Engine Roundtable – run by RustyBrick (Barry Schwartz), often the best place for latest news and search engine trends.
  7. EvolvingSEO – run by Dan Shure with practical tips and advice from Webmaster Tools to choosing SEO as a career.
  8. 99U – Behance’s research and education arm. It takes its name from Thomas Edison’s famous quote that “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”
  9. TEDTalks – shares ideas and inspiration from TED talk from around the world. If you want to grow personally and professionally, hit the subscribe button!

Business Growth Books

  1. Good to Great by Jim Collins – this book helped me understand, through research, the ingredients of great company success and how “good” was not good enough.
  2. The EMyth Revisited by Michael G Gerber – every shelf should have this book on, especially for small businesses or freelancers.
  3. Setting the Table by Danny Meter – lessons and inspirations from one of the worlds leading entrepreneurs.
  4. Screw It, Let’s Do It by Sir Richard Branson – an honest and candid approach to business building and growth.

Personal Development Books

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – a timeless classic on all-things communication
  2. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey  – improve your business and career to live with integrity, service , dignity, and success in all areas of life
  3. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson – understand how change can be embraced and learn how to be more adaptable
  4. Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers – helped me overcome many personal challenges through courage, confidence and comfort avoidance
  5. Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan – based on his mindfulness-based emotional intelligence course at Google
  6. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch – a “moving and inspirational book is based on his extraordinary Last Lecture. ‘We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.'” – a book that changed how I look at (and participate in) life NEW
  7. The Power of Less by Leo Babauta – the description for this book says it all: “we do not need to keep up with the Joneses”
  8. Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain – “passionately argued, superbly researched, and filled with real stories, Quiet will permanently change how we see introverts – and how you see yourself.” – one of the most important books I’ve read on understanding personalities (a “soft skills” must) – NEW
  9. Upside of Irrationality by Dan Ariely – “irrationality plays an important role in our day-to-day decision-making—not just in our financial marketplace, but in the most hidden aspects of our lives” – get the lowdown on irrational decision-making (and why it’s so important that you get good at it) NEW

Website Marketing Books

  1. G+ Community “All-things-web” Book Club – fancy getting some book recommendations from fellow web marketers? Thought so – go here and request to join (@dawnieando & I moderate)
  2. Essential Digital Marketing for Small Business – a collaboration with me, Simon Dunant, Heather Robinson, Joe Pulizzi, Lotta Holmberg, Kevin Jones, Ruth Noel-Samaroo and others
  3. Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals – an excellent book, written by Bruce Clay featuring Chelsea Adams, Paula Allen, Kristi Kellogg, Virginia Nussey, Lee Odden, Lisa Buyer, Jonathon Colman, Brian Solis, Ric Dragon, Wistia and others
  4. Content Strategy for the Web – a ground-breaking book, written by experts Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach
  5. The Art of SEO – co-authored by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola and Rand Fishkin, a good intro to all-things-SEO
  6. Call to Action – Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results – want to increase conversions & generate more leads or sales? This classic, written by Bryan Eisenberg (@TheGrok), needs to be in your library.
  7. Social PR Secrets – what doesn’t this book cover? Written by Lisa Buyer and featuring every conceivable area of social media management
  8. Million Dollar Website – written by Rebecca Murtagh, this book is the only one I know dedicated to business owners and the c-suite
  9. Don’t Make me Think – the original bible of usability and user experience by Steve Krug
  10. Webs of Influence – written by Nathalie Nahai, this excellent book helps us understand the secret psychology that makes visitors click through (and stay on) websites
  11. Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions – by Tim Ash, the original (written in 2008) was a ground-breaker. My copy has more notes & folded pages than most of my other books 🙂
  12. Search Patterns: Design for Discovery by Peter Morville – my (now) 13 year old read this a few years ago to better understand online search, patterns and pattern recognition and it changed his outlook towards the web. Highly recommended!
  13. Create Magnetic Headlines by Lyndon Antcliff – Available only on Kindle, if you’re responsible for creating content or writing copy on your website, the suggestions this book covers are invaluable
  14. eCommerce SEO: An advanced guide to on-page search engine optimization for ecommerce by Traian Neacsu – I don’t normally purchase SEO-related books, but Dawn Anderson recommended me to this as it covers core and fundamental practices for eCom sites. An excellent read!

Marketing Books & Events

Marketing Books

  1. Seth Godin is one of my favourite authors and he’s written a number of powerful books on all different aspects of marketing:
  2. Tribes – advice on bringing together a tribe of like-minded people and doing amazing things
  3. Purple Cow – advice on standing out from the crowd and “being remarkable”
  4. Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers – delving into the strategies of 7 major co’s, Seth suggests we “focus on discovering the customer’s problem and getting permission to follow up with e-mail”
  5. Meatball Sundae – how new marketing Is transforming the business world and now to thrive in It
  6. The Essential Persona Lifecycle by Tamara Adlin – creating personas, how to use them and evaluation. This book will change how you think about your online target audience
  7. Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath – do you need to get your ideas across to people effectively? This book is for you.
  8. Youtility – Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype by Jay Baer – “to win attention these days you must ask a different question: “How can we help?””. I bought this book back in 2013. Funnily enough, my business growth increased substantially because I decided to make “helping people” my #1 priority after reading it – you can too 🙂

Digital Marketing Events & Hashtags NEW


  1. ClickZ Live – Location: London / When: February 2016 / #ClickZLive
  2. BrightonSEO – Location: Brighton / When: April & September 2016 / #BrightonSEO
  3. Marketing Week Live – Location: London / When: April 2016 / #MarketingWeekLive
  4. SMX London – When: May 2016 / #SMXLondon
  5. SASCon – Location: Manchester / When: May or June 2016 / #SASCon
  6. Ungagged 2016 – Location: London / When: June 2016 / #Ungagged
  7. MeasureCamp – Location: London / When: September 2016 / #MeasureCamp
  8. SearchLove London – When: October 2016 / #SearchLove & #SearchLoveLondon
  9. MeasureFest – Location: Brighton / When: November 2016 / #MeasureFest
  10. Digital Marketing Show – Location: London / When: November 2016 / #DigitalMarketingShow
  11. SASconBeta – Location: Manchester / When: December 2016 / #SASCon


  1. Learn Inbound – Location: Dublin / When: April 2016 / #LearnInbound

Czech Republic

  1. Marketing Festival – Location: Brno / When: November 2016 / #mktfest


  1. SMX Paris – When: June 2016 / #SMXParis


  1. SMX Munich – When: March 2016 / #SMXMunich
  2. SEOktoberfest – Location: Munich / When: September 2016 / #SEOktoberfest


  1. SMX Israel – Location: Jerusalem / When: November 2016 / #SMXIsrael


  1. SMX Milan – When: November 2016 / #SMXMilan


  1. Big Digital Adelaide – run by @ShahMenz via @BigDigitalADL – Location: Adelaide, South Australia / When: June 7th & 8th 2016 / #BigDigitalADL


  1. SMX West – Location: San Jose / When: March 2016 / #SMXWest
  2. SearchLove Boston – When: Spring 2016 / #SearchLove & #SearchLoveBoston
  3. SMX Advanced – Location: Seattle / When: June 2016 / #SMXAdvanced
  4. MozCon – Location: Seattle / When: July 2016 / #MozCon
  5. SMX East – Location: New York / When: September / October 2016 / #SMXEast
  6. PubCon Las Vegas – When: October 2016 / #PubCon & #PubConLasVegas
  7. Ungagged 2015 – Location: Las Vegas / When: November 2016 / #Ungagged
  8. Inbound 2016 – Location: Boston / When: November 2016 / InBound15 (2015) & InBound16 (2016)
  9. SearchLove San Diego – When: Fall 2016 (between September & December) / #SearchLove & #SearchLoveSanDiego


  1. InboundCon – Location: Toronto / Date: October 2016 / #InboundCon

NOTE: If you’d like me to add your event above, please get in touch and let me know 🙂

Consulting Resources

Blog Posts

  1. How SEO Pros Manage Their Work & Time (70 Questions, 10 Pros & Over 30 Resources) by Sean Smith – I’ve included this uber-useful post because managing workload and time can be one of an SEO’s biggest challenges, especially using the above!
  2. From Zero to a Million: 20 Lessons for Starting an Internet Marketing Agency by Mike Ramsey. Thinking of starting your own internet marketing / SEO agency? This is required reading.
  3. The Account Managers Guide to Effective Communication and Client Retention by John-Henry Scherk – covers the 3 types of KPI, communicating with two audiences and showing you care. Advice that every web marketing or SEO client account manager should follow!
  4. Have you read the two blog posts I wrote with SEO consultants in mind? Hop on over to Overcoming 4 Tough SEO Business-Building Challenges and “What The Hell Are You Talking About?” said the SEO Client. You might find my Pre-Qualifying and Winning New Clients Slideshare preso useful too

Consulting Books

  1. Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith – real-world sales and consulting advice, wrapped up in short, insightful tales
  2. Questions That Sell by Paul Cherry – the art of intelligent questioning and discovering the “meaning behind the meaning” – essential for consulting
  3. Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets by Michael T Bosworth – another brilliant read for consulting
  4. Anthony Parinello has written a series of consulting books on approaching and selling to VITO’s (Very Important Top Officers):
  5. Selling to VITO – understand the mindset of Very Important Top Officers aka the c-suite
  6. Getting to VITO – strengthen your approach when selling to VITO
  7. Secrets of VITO – the six inches between your ears – think and sell like a VITO
  8. Lead Generation for the Complex Sale: Boost the Quality and Quantity of Leads to Increase Your ROI – written by Brian Carroll, this best-selling masterpiece is almost 10 years old. If you need to generate web marketing or SEO leads (ie complex sales), this book is one of a kind
  9. Escaping the Price-Driven Sale: How World Class Sellers Create Extraordinary Profit – written by Tom Snyder, this book is an excellent educational read on implementing value-based selling (as opposed to going “cheap” or becoming “column-fodder”)
  10. The Marketing Agency Blueprint by Paul Roetzer – Read in 2012 and changed the way I ran and grew my business. A wonderful book for small agencies or consultants 🙂 NEW

Google+ Communities & Hangouts (that I’ve joined and take part in)

  1. All-things-web Book Club, run my myself & Dawn Anderson – “Book recommendations (and those to avoid) by fellow web marketers)
  2. SEO Hangout Panel, run by Dejan SEO – “Professional SEO community with a weekly scheduled hangout”
  3. Local Search Pros, run by Linda Buquet – “Local search tips, news and support for local search professionals”
  4. Local Search, run by Max Minzer – “Local search marketing and local SEO news, resources and discussions”
  5. MaxImpact (prev YouTube episodes), run by Max Minzer – follow him on Google+ (link above) and register to watch or participate
  6. Google Small Business Community, run by Google+ Your Business – “Helping businesses make the most of the web”
  7. Content Marketing Community, run by Stone Temple Consulting – “Strategy, tips and discussion on content marketing
  8. Semantic Search Marketing, run by Aaron Bradley – “The intersection of search engine marketing and semantic web technologies
  9. Search Engine Land Community, run by themselves – “Search engine news, marketing tips, ideas and conversation”
  10. Google Analytics Community, run by themselves – “The largest Google Analytics user community online”
  11. State of Digital Community, run by themselves – “Discuss the latest developments in digital marketing”
  12. Bill and Ammon’s Bogus Hangout, run by Bill Slawski and Ammon Johns – “A casual, fun hangout with old friends and new, shared with all. AKA the Wyld Stallyns of SEO

Twitter Chats (that I sometimes take part in)

  1. #EcomChat – Mondays @ 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm GMT. All-things eCommerce by EcomChat via Dan Barker & James Gurd
  2. #CMWorld – Tuesdays @ 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT. All-things content by @CMIcontent & @joepulizzi
  3. #SEMrushchat – Wednesdays @ 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT. All-things SEM by SEMRush with a special guest every week
  4. (Stop Press! SEMRush have produced their own guide to running Twitter Chats. Download the PDF for 10 more chapters!
  5. #SEOChat – Thursdays @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT. Hosted by web marketing & SEO pros. Nice guide by Bruce Clay

People To Follow on Twitter

  1. @Bill_Slawski – Semantic SEO, Machine Learning & Google Patents
  2. @aaranged – Semantic SEO & Machine Learning
  3. @dawnieando – Semantic SEO, Taxonomy, Ontology & Bot Crawl Optimisation
  4. @DavidAmerland – Semantic SEO
  5. @AlanBleiweiss – Forensic SEO Audits
  6. @gfiorelli1 – International SEO & Semantic SEO
  7. @ZephSnapp – International SEO
  8. @SEO_Copy – International SEO
  9. @MaxMinzer – Local SEO & Google+ Community
  10. @MikeRamsey – Business Building, Local SEO & Legal Marketing
  11. @MBlumenthal – Local SEO
  12. @CyrusShepard – Internet Marketing & SEO
  13. @DocSheldon – Internet Marketing & SEO
  14. @RandFish – Internet Marketing & SEO
  15. @ajkohn – Crawl Optimisation, Internet Marketing & SEO
  16. @dohertyjf – Business Leadership, Internet Marketing & SEO
  17. @theamitsinghal – All-things Google
  18. @RonellSmith – Content Strategy
  19. @KaneJamison – Content Strategy
  20. @matthewbarby – Content Strategy, Social Media & Blogging
  21. @Hallstigerts – Marketing Nous & Social Media
  22. @JulieJoyce – Link Acquisition
  23. @Marie_Haynes – Link Penalties & Recovery
  24. @ShahMenz – Link Penalties & Recovery
  25. @WilReynolds – Business Building & RCS (Real Company Stuff)