Article Submission Service

Overview of Article Submission Service

Our powerful Article Submission Service is way to gain world’s best quality one-way incoming links to your website or blog. There are wide range of options available to bring out valuable search engine optimization for your website and article submission is one of such important strategy.

What is an article submission service?

Note: This is an article submission service and not an article writing service. If you like us to write unique and SEO friendly articles for your website or blog, please check our “article writing services”.

  • You write an article and provide it to us; we will submit the same to high PR online article directories. We will apply our strong Search Engine Optimization skills in submissions so that you can have maximum returns of your investment by generating more and relevant traffic to your website or blog.
  • Article marketing if done in the right direction can bring incredible outputs. If you have nice articles written on the topics which are related to your website or business, then this is the right time to market the same on the web using our professional article submission services.
  • Nicely written article, best relevant keywords based links and the same article submitted to popular article directories can bring huge traffic to your website. Article directories where we submit your articles are highly popular, high Page Rank and have thousands of readers on a daily basis.
  • We provide 100% manual article submission service and submit your article to only appropriate and high PR online article directories. We include upto 3 deep links in the article we submit.
  • We create a unique author account when submitting your articles to these article directories. We create variations of your articles after every 100 submissions to avoid duplicate content issue.

Why Article Submission Service?

We provide the best quality article submission services by taking the following steps:

  • Create your unique author profile on each article directories.
  • Fine-tune your article so it turns into more Search Engine friendly.
  • Submit your article under appropriate categories listed on Article Directories.
  • Article submitted to high quality article directories can bring in more traffic to the website or blog or landing page.
  • Being an author of an article, you present a great impression to online prospects that you are an expert in your respective business domain.

Key Features of Article Submission Service

  • We create your unique profile on each article directories and submit your articles under your author profile.
  • Once the project complete, we will submit you detailed excel report which includes following details:
  • Article Submitted
  • Name of an Article Directory
  • Article Directory Page Rank
  • Date of Submission
  • Author ID
  • Author Password
  • We submit 100 articles per week to fetch natural online growth in your article marketing strategy.

Take a deep look on our One Time ADSS (Article Directory Submission Service) Packages:

[plan name=”100 ADSS” price=”20″ currency=”$” per=”project” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 100 Submissions
  • 10 days to complete
  • 1 Report

[/plan] [plan name=”200 ADSS” price=”35″ currency=”$” per=”project” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 200 Submissions
  • 12 days to complete
  • 1 Report

[/plan] [plan name=”300 ADSS” price=”45″ currency=”$” per=”project” featured=”true” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 300 Submissions
  • 15 days to complete
  • 1 Report

[/plan] [plan name=”400 ADSS” price=”60″ currency=”$” per=”project” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 400 Submissions
  • 15 days to complete
  • 1 Report


In our Article Submission Service, we use following Article Directories to submit your website or blog:

  • PR 7
  • PR 6
  • PR 5
  • PR4
  • PR 3
  • PR 2
  • PR 1

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