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If you are a registered charity or a non-profit organization in US, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, UAE, New Zealand or India, we offer a free web design services. So if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Free Website – Pro Bono Consulting

Yes, you read it right. 100% Free website for charities.

We believe charities / non-profit organizations should have “professional” websites so that they can present them nicely to larger audience and gather donations. Because charity organization are being setup for a cause helping humans, we at Threesite decided to offer a free 5 page professional website to them. After all, money is not everything in life. We strongly believe that “Money will buy you a nice bed but not a good night’s sleep”.

Please provide us the proof that you are “registered” charity / non-profit organization in your respective country and avail our “pro bono web design services” free.

Our Pro bono web design services:

  • Install latest WordPress CMS Software on your server.
  • Use free WordPress theme of your choice. There are thousands of designs to choose from.
  • Setup 5 pages (including a contact form).
  • You need to buy domain and hosting.
  • You own the full rights of this website.

We will not ask you to pay anything for this service. If you like our service, you may give us a nice testimonial!

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