Nursing is one of the wisest and most stable career choices a person can make, and qualified individuals with nursing credentials are in record-high demand around the country.  Through a surging pandemic and a national labor shortage, nurses are needed now more than ever.  What this means is that anyone who is qualified to be a nurse can have more freedom, and make more money working fewer hours – as a traveling nurse.

When you work as a traveling nurse, you will obtain one thing that money can rarely buy – the freedom to choose where and how to live.  These contracts are widely available all around the country, and sometimes even internationally.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to live in Hawaii?  Becoming a traveling nurse is the way to go.

Supply and Demand

Many nursing specialties are needed by staffing agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals nationwide.  Some of these are:

  • Emergency Department nurses
  • Surgical nurses
  • Labor and Delivery nurses
  • Long-term care nurses

Whether you are an RN, LPN, or even a CNA, there will always be jobs that need to be filled in the healthcare field.  Nursing homes are short-staffed, and will often offer incentives, bonuses, or help to obtain licensure for those willing to come work for them.  For those with the capacity to care about others for a living, nursing is an honorable and reliable career choice.

Live Free

The average salary of a travel nurse, according to labor statistics websites, is around $100,000 a year.  Because of the in-demand, emergent, and transient nature of these contracts, this is $10-20,000 above the average salary of a non-traveling nurse.  Additionally, these jobs will often provide housing, especially in less desirable locations.

This means that getting a nursing degree and working with a traveling nurse staffing agency is a one-way ticket to freedom, and a lifestyle that will enable you to not have to rely on anyone or anything but your own hard work.  Nursing is a rewarding and enriching career, in which you can make a huge difference every day of your job.  Many healthcare workers feel that, despite the challenging aspects of the job, they leave every day knowing that they did their best to help their patients get through a difficult time.

Becoming a traveling nurse is a great way to save up money, make a difference where it’s needed the most, and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted – today.


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