If you want to loop your background video on slider revolution, please apply the settings below.

Slider revolution allows to embed YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 video. For the best results, I recommend to use Vimeo and embed that with Slider revolution.

These are the steps you require to follow to loop your video on slider revolution:

1. Go to your wordpress dashboard (wp-admin).

2. On the left main menu, click on slider revolution.

3. Either you can add a new slider or use an existing slider.

4. Add new layer on your slider.

5. On the main background, click on “Source”, select vimeo video option and enter your vimeo video id. (Do not enter the full URL of your Vimeo video only the ID is required to enter).

main background slider revolution vimeo video

6. Now on the same “Main Background” Section, click on “Source Settings” tab and apply the settings as mentioned in the image below.

vimeo video loop slider revolution

Source Info: Add an image link which you want to add before the video loads. This image would display for few seconds. Video thumbnail of around 950 X 350 px would be good to add. Thumbnail image displays for merely 1 or 2 seconds.

Force Cover: Yes, if you want to display thumbnail image.

Dotted Overlay: – This would be good to select. It would give a nice overlay effect on your video.

Aspect Ratio: Select – 16:9 if you want to display the video on large slider.

Start at: 0:00

End at: leave it blank

Loop Video

Disable: Video will only play once each time the video is initially played.
Loop – Slide is paused: Video will loop endlessly, and the slide will never change unless the slider’s navigation is used (next button clicked, etc.).
Loop – Slide does not stop: Video will loop endlessly until the slide’s delay is reached. For example, if your slide’s are normally meant to be shown for 10 seconds, but your video’s length is only 5 seconds, the video will play twice before the slide actually changes.

Next Slide on End: OFF.

ON: Slide will immediately change as soon as the video ends.
OFF: If video’s length is less than the slide’s delay, the slide will not change until the delay time has been reached.

Rewind at Slide Start: ON.

Mute Video: ON or OFF. Your choice.

Video Volume: 100. (enter the number between 0 for mute to 100 for full sound)

Arguments Video: title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&api=1&loop=1

title=0 – this will not display video title.
byline=0 – this will not display byline iconsportrait=0 – this will display your video in a landscape mode.
loop=1 – this will make your video looping without any delays.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please leave your comments if you have any questions or feedbacks regarding this post.