There is something beautiful about well-designed technology; It has connected the world into a global village. Imagine a small business in one corner of the world that achieves global visibility through a website and social media. But for this to happen, entrepreneurs must never compromise on the quality of their marketing strategies.

An ideal way to approach this is to have a catchy logo for your business or institution. Even though the web designer will create this, it is good that the owner knows what is best to meet the need at hand. There are excellent modern art movements that can inspire your logo design, and these will be the focus of this article.

Light Painting

Just as the name implies, this is all about bringing light into your logo. It does not matter whether you use lines, paintings or any other style, but the light theme should be visible. Thys style was first brought into use by Pablo Picasso, who is among the first light painters in the world.

Hard-Edge Painting

This is an American art style created by Frank Stella, who made it popular in the 60s. Simply, it is all about colors and their impressions. Thus, your logo should be colorful no matter which design theme it follows. Split stitch division is a modern logo design that has heavily borrowed its concept from this movement. According to illustrators, perfectly created logos will not only be attractive but will also convey the desired message very quickly. After all, people are visual.


It has a theme of ”destroy and rebuild,” which was the aim of the innovators behind it. The artists, most of whom came from Germany and Switzerland, were already tired of the norm. According to experts at iLustra, this will inspire someone with an existing business to completely leave behind the current logo and create an entirely new one.


This German-based movement promotes breaking down a design until one can understand all the elements. The rebuilding uses a minimalistic approach so that people can understand the meaning. Therefore, a logo will become clearer when this approach is used. It is good for old logos that look complicated and now require a simple and realistic approach. If you hire professional artists or illustrators, they will provide the desired results.

Art Deco

It is from Paris and became a hit as early as the 1920s. It has a lot of similarities to Bauhaus in that it takes a simple approach. You need to understand that a logo that uses this art theme will have no unnecessary decorations, but it will still stand out with bold designs. In fact, this is an excellent option for many websites because it is not cluttered.


Art is a powerful tool for communicating ideas. As you choose any of these modern art movements to inspire your logo design, the best thing is to understand each one and the intended purpose for its creation as explained here. Then, match this with your current needs.