Search engine optimization is a crucial tool companies should use in 2022. Search engines like Google are used every day via home computers, cell phones, and tablet devices. Your website should be optimized to appear in a Google search. Here are some SEO strategies that work in 2022.

4. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are pieces of content from a website that give search engine users a sneak-peek at the website before clicking. The information in the featured snippet will include keywords from the Google search, and it should make readers want to click the link to learn more.

3. Artificial Intelligence is Paving the Way

AI technology has come a long way since the ideas were simply fictional. AI will play a significant role for SEO in 2022, especially on Google. Google has designed a new AI technology call RankBrain. SEO experts think RankBrain will focus on user experience as a primary ranking factor. The amount of time users spend on a website will also be a key factor to prioritize content. You want potential customers engaged from the moment they open your website. If you make sure your content is organized and user-friendly, your SEO rankings will go up, driving more traffic (customers) to your business.

2. Include Long-Form Articles and Blog Posts

While it may seem easier to include a lot of short-form content on your website, long-form content produces better SEO results. The reason is that longer word counts allow for more inclusion of keywords, which are the words typed into a Google search. The search will return web pages that include the most relevant keywords in your search. The difference between long-form articles and short-form articles is that long-form articles are typical 2,500 words or more. If writing isn’t in your skillset, you may need to hire a web content writer for longer content.

1. Your Website Should be Optimized for Mobile Users

One of the most frustrating things about browsing Google on a cell phone is when a website is not optimized for mobile use. This results in slower loading times, graphic errors, text and formatting issues, and sometimes blocks access to the website altogether. The best SEO strategy a company can use is optimizing their website for mobile users.

By implementing these 4 strategies into your website, you will surely see your SEO rankings go up!