Overview Discussion Forum Submission ServiceDiscussion Forum Submission Service

  • Submissions to Dofollow and High PR Discussion Forums
  • Completely Manual Discussion Forum Submissions
  • No Spamming on discussion forums
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings
  • Unique Discussion Forum Accounts

What is Discussion Forum Submission Service?

Discussion forums or boards are online discussion sites or in other words online message boards. It consists of group of moderators and contributors who are already registered on the website. Being a registered member on discussion forum websites, members can submit topics for discussion that is commonly known as “threads”. Each discussion forums have their own strict policy on content submissions. Discussion forum submission in this modern online world has taken on an important stance in enhancing SEO efforts. Discussion forum submission simply means posting new threads or replying to the hot topics in order to get quality, one-way, and permanent inbound links to a website or blog. If discussion forum is done in an appropriate way it can drive huge targeted traffic to a website or blog.

Why Discussion Forum Submission Service?

  • Discussion forum submission service is an admired and proven Search Engine Optimization strategy which aids in building back links to your website or blog.
  • Discussion forum submission service is an Online Marketing method which uses niche forum boards to build quality inbound links.
  • If your website or blog is related to Medical Industry, we submit your website only to Health community discussion forums, thus it generates very specific traffic.
  • Deep linking is possible through discussion forum submission service which will help in enhancing the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • We also build your company profile on discussion forums so that it generates awareness to relevant people within niche industry community.

Key Features of Discussion Forum Submission Service:

  • We offer flexible Discussion forum submission service packages.
  • You can order 10 / 25 / 50 / 75 Discussion Forum Submission Service Packages where you will get 15 posts per Discussion Forum
  • We do not spam on any discussion forums.
  • We create unique profile of your website on discussion forum and then build links by either creating a new thread of discussion or reply to the existing hot topics on a specific forum.
  • We include signature when either posting a new thread or comment on existing hot topic.
  • We use only discussion forums that have Dofollow attribute. So you can be sue of getting a valuable link from each post.
  • We use high page ranked discussion forums when submitting your website.

Discussion Forum Submission Service (DFSS) Package

* Please note that we will be creating unique accounts when performing discussion forum submission service for your website.

[plan name=”20 DFSS” price=”169″ currency=”$” per=”package” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 20 Threads / 130 Postings
  • 20 days to complete
  • 1 Report

[/plan][plan name=”50 DFSS” price=”399″ currency=”$” per=”package” link=”#” featured=”true” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 50 Threads / 325 Postings
  • 40 days to complete
  • 1 Report

[/plan] [plan name=”100 DFSS” price=”739″ currency=”$” per=”package” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 100 Threads / 650 Postings
  • 60 days to complete
  • 1 Report

[/plan] [plan name=”150 DFSS” price=”1189″ currency=”$” per=”package” link=”#” linkname=”Buy Now”]

  • 150 Threads / 975 Postings
  • 75 days to complete
  • 1 Report


We find “specific” discussion forums for your business needs and submit your website or blog accordingly. Following are some of the examples of Popular & Free Discussion Forums where we submit your blog or website:

http://forums.cnet.com, http://webdirectoryforums.com/vb/index.php, http://www.v7n.com/forums/, http://www.theonlinedeveloper.com, http://www.warriorforum.com, http://www.talkdev.com, http://www.wickedfire.com, http://www.websiteauctionhub.com/forums, http://www.webmaster-talk.com, http://www.webmastersmarketplace.com/forums/index.php, http://www.webmasterforums.com, http://forums.build-reciprocal-links.com, http://forums.webicy.com, http://www.talkfreelance.com, http://forums.searchenginewatch.com, http://www.sitepoint.com/forums, http://www.domainstate.com

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