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At, we understand that the quality of a software product relies on the testing methods employed and the expertise of the QA team executing the testing service.’s expertise on providing testing services and testing solutions, acquired through 6+ years of working with a wide variety of software projects, has been utilized to shape an established testing process that ensures delivery of software of world-class quality, faster time to market and hence better ROI.’s dedicated team of testing professionals, having expertise in various programming languages, technologies, domains and testing tools, play a vital role in delivering the best quality software solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. Continuous quality improvement is the foundation of our QA team.’s strong track record of making more than 2000 happy clients in the last 9 years encourages to bring the best QA services to its existing and new clients. offers several QA & Testing services encompassing a wide range of domains like Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Healthcare and Online Retail. currently offers following QA & Software Testing Services:

  • Functional testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Automation testing
  • Integration testing
  • Web Application Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing validates the functionality of a software or an application to ensure that the requirements specified by the stakeholders are met. It plays a vital role in the delivery of high quality applications – both large and small and is driven by thorough understanding of the product knowledge. practices a robust functional testing process which can be easily adapted for a wide range of projects having capricious business requirements. Functional testing is introduced in the early stages of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), wherever applicable, to ensure almost zero defects in all the software or web projects delivered to business. The focus is on defect prevention and the modules are delivered to the testing team as and when complete so that the defects can be detected and tracked to closure early in the projects’ life cycle. Our QA / testing team prepares optimized test plans, test strategy and test cases. Execution of test cases is done and defects are reported and tracked using bug reporting tools like Bugzilla. Our testing team further ensures a 100% functional coverage of the business requirements through the “traceability matrix” approach. The use of a well defined and consistent process for functional testing ensures that the testing is successfully completed within the stipulated time period without compromising the quality of the software or web application.’s testing team has an expertise in functional testing of Web Applications, Desktop applications and Client-server applications.

System Testing

The software or web application testing is never 100% complete without a rigorous system testing. System testing is the end-to-end testing method which is done to ensure that the application as a whole meets the overall business objectives.

At, the testing methods employed for system testing is customized to the type of project. Test plan, use cases, test strategy, bug report, bug matrix and test case preparation is done by a team of testing experts keeping in mind the business needs, technology being used to develop a product and domain of an application undergoing test. The test techniques and processes are developed so as to assure high requirement coverage and zero-defects.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is any type of software testing that seeks to uncover new software bugs, or regressions, in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system after changes such as enhancements, patches or configuration changes, have been made to them. – Wikipedia Definition

Regression testing is a practice of continuous or reuse tests so as to ensure that programming, database or design changes done to an application have not introduced defects to the application. In today’s constantly changing world, software and web applications needs to be upgraded to keep up with the latest business needs. thus uses wide ranges of regression testing which helps business owners or programmers to cost effectively manage changes in the application and the risks associated with the application changes. A good regression test has always given a business owner or a programmer the confidence to go about making changes in their applications.

Automation Testing

We understand very well that automated testing can never replace manual testing. But Automated Testing can certain increase the test execution. We value the importance of automated testing and have an experience working with following tools to manage your automated testing project: (We use these tools as and when require by our clients)

  • YSlow (Performance Testing Tool)
  • JMeter (Load and Stress Testing)
  • Selenium IDE & Core (Functional Testing)
  • W3C (HTML,DHTML and CSS Validator)
  • Xenu (Link Checking)
  • Mozilla Add Ons (Spell Check)
  • Mozilla Add Ons (Security Check (XSS & SQL Injection)
  • Mozilla Add Ons (Different Resolution Wise Testing)
  • Browser Stack (Different OS and Device Wise Testing in One Platform)

Integration Testing

As “integrity” is highly important in the business, the same value applies when it comes to software or web application. All the modules of a software should work in an integrated fashion. Data should be seamlessly integration with different sections. Our Integration testing is to ensure that all the modules of your business applications are working with zero defects. combines domain knowledge with over 6 years of experience to design integration test plans and test cases which ensure the successful compatibility or interoperability of various components of the application. These are applied to perform integration testing to deliver robust software products with components which seamlessly integrate with one another.

Web Application Testing

The web has evolved into the most preferred medium for carrying out business effectively as it has helped to overcome the constraints of time and resources. Hence, testing of applications based on web is very important.

Since Web based or Online applications should have various features like high performance levels, speed, security, and compatibility across platforms, browsers and servers, at the testing of web applications is performed by our QA / testing teams who have experience in successfully testing web based applications.


Technical Skills of our Testing Team:

[item title=”Programming Languages”] Symfony, Magento, PHP, CakePHP, , ROR, Flex Joomla, X-Cart, Zen Cart, PowerBuilder 7.0 and 10.0, VB 6.0 [/item]
[item title=”Databases”] SQL Server 2000, MySQL, MS Access, L and Oracle [/item]
[item title=”Operating Systems”] Window 7 & 8, Windows 2000, Window XP Professional, iMAC, MAC, Linux, Ubuntu [/item]
[item title=”Mobile Device”] Android, Iphone, Tablet, Ipad [/item]
[item title=”Test Reporting Tool & Bug Tracking Tool”] Project Management System (Project & Task Related Tracking)
Bugzilla (Bug tracking, Testopia for maintaining Test Case, Test Plan and Test Run), Mantis (Bug Tracking System), Readmine (Task Management and Bug Tracking System), GITHUB (Task Management and Bug Tracking System) [/item]
[item title=”Testing Document Creation”] Test Plan, Use Cases, Test Cases, Bug Report, Bug Matrix, Check List for Developer and Designer, Working Hour Sheet for Testing Team, Project Status Report, Testing Team Wise Project Status Report, Resource Planning Sheet, Release Note [/item]

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