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Does your business have strong presence on social media networks? Build your brand recognition across the social media channels and create deep connections with your prospects and customers through social media marketing.

Threesite is one of the few social media marketing companies that can provide fully transparent, high ROI campaigns. Our team with social media certification can provide extensive support to your business to grow through social media, rather than generalists. Partner with us and let our social media marketing agency boost your brand visibility and integrity!

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Social Media Marketing Basics

Promote Your Brand Story on the Right Platform

Social media networks have become a popular source of information in today’s online world. But that’s not enough. Presence on these social media channels also impacts your business’ search engine rankings and digital marketing performance.

There are now more than 4.5 billion social media users around the world. That’s more than 400 million higher than it was this time last year, equating to year-over-year growth of almost 10%.

Furthermore, the typical user actively uses or visits an average of 6.7 different social media platforms each month and spends an average of close to 2.5 hours using social media each day.

As social media usage continues to flourish exponentially, understanding how to market on social media is becoming more important in reaching your target customers along with brand awareness. Many marketers, however, enter the digital and social media marketing space without fully understanding what social media marketing and its demands is. Don’t repeat the same mistake.

Our social media marketing team explain the unique attributes of B2C and B2B social media marketing to help you get started with your promotion.

What Is WordPress
What Is WordPress

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a digital marketing approach that uses different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, to establish brand perception, capture audiences’ attention and connect brands with a broader, more diverse group of prospects. Social media marketing for small and large businesses is an effective way to reach your prospects at the right place and time to boost your brand engagement.

A dynamic, ROI-driven social media marketing plan can bring extraordinary results to your brand and turn buyers into brand advocates. More importantly, an inventive social media marketing strategy clearly impacts your search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing results, resulting into more leads and returns for your business.

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Difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Many people use digital and social media marketing interchangeably. They think that implementing various B2B social media marketing methods alone qualifies as digital marketing. However, social media marketing is only a tiny proportion of the bigger picture.

Let’s look at the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing to better understand how you can control these marketing tactics to your gain.

Digital marketing is a broad term that uses online and offline digital marketing strategies to boost products and services.

Digital marketing includes various internet marketing strategies and networks, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing and link building.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is one of the many parts of digital marketing. It leverages various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to introduce a product, grab people’s attention and connect with prospects and customers. Social media marketing involves team up with industry influencers, posting fresh, unique content and implementing various marketing trends to persuade people to act.

Compared to other types of digital marketing, B2B social media marketing provides quicker and more focused campaign results. Though, social media marketing alone is not enough. As digital marketing experts, we highly recommend you explore other internet marketing tactics that go together with your social media campaign to achieve organic, long-term success.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

Better Online Coverage

Social media marketing is constantly evolving and adapting, becoming a powerful online marketing resource for small and large businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can energetically increase coverage and interest in your company.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Google and Bing now incorporate social media status updates, tweets, profiles, and comments into their search engine results pages (SERPs), recognizing the importance of social interaction. The more people share your content across social media, the more traffic they send to your website.

Better Audience Targeting

No matter how useful and engaging your content is, it will not generate conversions if it doesn’t reach the right audience at the right time. Social media marketing allows you to identify and categorize your ideal customers by age, location, and hobbies, professions, and other crucial metrics.

Wider Customer Reach

Global Web Index research shows that approximately 54 percent of online users use social media networks for product and service research. Furthermore, 49 percent of consumers depend on peer-to-peer recommendations from social media influencers when looking for brands.

Stronger Brand Control

Our social media marketing plans are customized to your specific needs and budgets. This means you have a strong control over your branding, budget, and social media content marketing strategy. Using social media for marketing allows you to create an image that attracts to your target.

Greater Customer Confidence

Understanding how to use social media for online marketing allows you to build a leading brand and create deep, meaningful connections with your fans. Our social media marketing team shares valuable content and engages in online conversations to keep a pulse on your target market.

More Marketing Options

Besides marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, there are other social media marketing channels you can use to promote your product or service. These include WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Tumblr, TikTok and Snapchat social media marketing.

Increased Bottom-line

Social media marketing for small and large businesses is an economical way to reach your target audience without spending a substantial amount of money. Almost all social media platforms allow you to create a free business page and to showcase your products and services at a low cost.

Social Media Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use social media for my business?
Social media platforms are used daily by almost 4.5 billion people worldwide. You would be doing your brand a harm not to use these platforms to increase engagement with your target audience and increase online presence. Many shoppers find and review brand’s social media pages or profiles before deciding to purchase. You must create social profiles for your business and share contents regularly, so potential customers can review your online activities and engage with your business in a more casual manner. Prospects who are not ready to purchase are prone to engage in a Facebook messenger or reach out via Twitter or Instagram, as opposed to requesting a consultation via email or contact form on your website.
How often should I post on my Facebook page and other social accounts?
It depends entirely on the platform as each social channel has factors that need to be met for you to use the platform in an elevated way. Posting frequency and the time at which to post differ between social networks. An experienced social media manager will know these best practices. If you are managing your social media channels by yourself, consider doing some research into the frequency and length of your posts and at what time you should publish your posts.
What are promoted or boosted social media posts?
Some social media networks offer you an option of boosting organic posts or promoting them for a small fee to ensure more people see your post. This is a good idea for those posts that are performing well or are promoting a special deal. On different platforms, you can set up an ad directly from the post to increase engagement or set up a more dynamic ad through the channel’s advertising platform.
Which social media networks should I sign up for my business?
It’s important to do research and find out which social media networks are favored by your target consumers. With this research, you should make sure to boost your presence on each of the platforms where your audience is already present and likely to engage. Furthermore, consider the types of products or services you offer and find the platform that better suits your brand and messaging. And, lastly, consider for your business goals and choose the social media networks that support you achieving better results.
What is the difference between a regular post and a boosted post on social media?
When you post contents such as videos or images or texts on social media, you are sharing information for your followers, and it will be available to view organically. However, a boosted post on social media is a form of paid advertising. You can create your ad from your regular post, target your audience by demographics and ensure your brand is positioned in front of your ideal consumer.
How much should I spend on social media advertising?
Your social media advertising spend relies entirely on your marketing budget. This is not very high-priced advertising route, but the more you spend, the more you gain value and get results. You need to build your social media advertising spend to align with each of the platform’s limitations, too. For instance, Facebook and a few other platforms have a minimum daily ad spend and it’s recommended that you begin investing with a minimum daily spend. Once you have an idea of what works and what doesn’t you can start raising your budget and quickly enjoy a positive ROI.

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