There is still plenty of time in 2022 to formulate social media strategies for the year. By doing this now, you can set yourself up for success and a celebration at year’s end. But what should you do?

It might feel like there are too many platforms out there. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some good strategies for the remainder of 2022:

Consider Social Commerce

There have been rumblings for a long time about being able to sell things right there on social media. Instagram has been implementing it with certain items in photos where users just click on an item to buy it. . This trend might be ready to fully expand in 2022.

Keep your eye peeled on this and be ready to move quickly if it does take off. This can be a great addition for you if you sell things like clothes. Then you could pair with an influencer.

Do Customer Service on Social Media

A lot of businesses are using social media as a way for people to resolve customer service issues. There is something decidedly less annoying waiting for a chat response than sitting listening to hold music for an hour. It’s easier for hearing-impaired people too.

The important thing is to empower the people running these platforms to make decisions. There is nothing more frustrating than talking to a rep on social media and have them say, “I am not cleared to do this.” Add to the convenience and you will get repeat business.

Strongly Consider VR and AR

More and more people are getting VR headsets, so it make sense to incorporate this into your social media strategy. While this has been around for decades, the technology is getting better and people like playing games like Beat Saber. Could you find a way to use this for your business or your brand?

You can get people’s attention with this and if leveraged right, you could be quite successful. Pay close attention to this. You could be at the front of a gigantic wave and ride to lucrative sales.

There are many different avenues you can take – Instagram, TikTok, Meta, and Twitter to just name a few. See which ones fit your brand and take it from there. Social media continues to be far from a fad – you will be using it for many more years.