Want to achieve the best out of marketing campaigns? We encourage you to learn and apply the best marketing principles in your business to get the maximum returns.

  1. Not clearly defined marketing objectives
  2. No market research done or done poorly.
  3. No brand positioning
  4. Unaware of consumer profile.
  5. No clear marketing strategy
  6. Lack of co-ordination between sales and marketing teams
  7. Not measuring results
  8. Choosing a wrong ad agency
  9. Doing marketing in pieces and not have “integrated” marketing campaign.
  10. Too much creative or complicated marketing message. Remember, Simple is always beautiful.
  11. Not exploring all the marketing avenues to reach the targeted audience.
  12. Rely too much on intangible results like “clicks”, “shares”, “followers” or “likes” rather than tangible results such as “how many new customers gained.”
  13. Not making product story engaging enough.
  14. Not identifying the gaps in the existing products.
  15. No equation is being defined for “Customer Life Time Value”.
  16. No plan on building “customer loyalty”
  17. Ineffective sales promotion.
  18. Not offering any extra value proposition.
  19. No solid plan on “word-of-mouth” marketing.
  20. Markting message does not involve a “how to get the relief from pain” but convey about very long-term benefits.

Remember, change is the only constant. You need to keep changing and adjusting your marketing strategy till you get the desired results.

Hope you enjoyed these 20 reasons why companies fail to achieve marketing objectives. Now, do the reverse of what is being said on this blog post and get the exponential marketing results!

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