Refer these 77 resources and you are on way to get more blog traffic next week.

You have created a nice blog and you now need traffic to attract the targeted audience. These 77 resources are carefully selected from industry’s top bloggers who already got success in attracting millions of visitors per month to their own business. The list below includes “real-life” case studies, presentations, articles and infographics on how you can increase your blog traffic next week.

Learn from the best and execute these strategies on your blog.

  1. Visit popular blogs, read their posts and leave the valuable comments on it.
  2. Follow this step-by-step plan to double your blog traffic in 30 days.
  3. Market your blog or blog posts on popular discussion forms. Here are 8 Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing on Online Forums and Message Boards.
  4. Powerful content curation can be for blog branding and lead generation.
  5. Learn and use these tactics on how to build a viral blog in any niche.
  6. Use the viral marketing technique. Find out How a Brand New Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors In One Day.
  7. Learn from Ramit Sethi about How to get 150,000 people to read your blog in 1 week.
  8. If you’re currently running a blog that no one cares about, Check these 5 Powerful Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic.
  9. StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among the top seven social media sites. Use these 4 Ways to Increase Your Traffic With StumbleUpon.
  10. Use reddit to drive thousands of free visitors to you blog. Watch this video – How To Drive INSANE Traffic With Reddit
  11. Solid article by social media examiner – 5 Creative Tips to Increase Blog Traffic
  12. Grove have used permission marketing and got 1,000 subscribers with just 1 blog post in 24 hours.
  13. With one post and within 3 weeks this blogger got 220,000 Visitors and a TV Appearance
  14. A viral marketing case study – 9,000 Unique Visitors in One Day. (Also learn more about Hotmail example.)
  15. Content marketing really works. Here is the hard proof.
  16. Do not waste your time on these 3 activities.
  17. How frequently should you post new content on your blog is a question many bloggers wonder about.
  18. Business Blog Case Study: 50 posts In 25 days and have increased website traffic 1,000% In 8 weeks
  19. What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business?
  20. Twice a month baller content can bring in good traffic to your blog.
  21. This is mainly for startups but few points are quite relevant to blog traffic. Case Study: How To Triple Your Startup’s Organic Traffic with Zero Link Building
  22. Along with blog traffic, content readability is also important. Here are the 100 reasons why.
  23. Is your blog design content friendly? If not, see this case study on how 5 Brands That Boosted Their Traffic With Content-Focused Redesigns
  24. Choose the social media platform which can work the best for your market niche.
  25. Define buyer persona and also leverage the potential of inbound marketing to get the eyeballs on your content.
  26. 10 steps to follow and you are on your way to get more traffic from twitter to your blog.
  27. You can double the twitter traffic using this method.
  28. Use these actionable steps to triple twitter traffic.
  29. See how these five popular businesses use Twitter to drive traffic and increase sales.
  30. Read these reddits on how to get traffic from twitter.
  31. How to Use Twitter Cards to Drive More Website Traffic [Infographic]
  32. The secret power of Google Plus that you don’t know yet.
  33. Develop an engaging video marketing strategy to capitalize on the power of the ever-growing video content phenomenon.
  34. If you are serious about video marketing, See this post on how Gary Vaynerchuk increased his Youtube subscribers by 71% in 2013
  35. With the help of viral video marketing, PooPourri has increased their traffic by 13,000%.
  36. YouTube is a king when it comes to video marketing. Check this ultimate guide out: 21 Ways to Dominate YouTube
  37. Create videos and podcasts for your blog post. Publish them on Facebook and YouTube to get more traffic.
  38. Learn How Bruce Increased the Traffic from Facebook Groups by 3,000%.
  39. 44 experts have shared useful strategies on how to use Facebook ads to promote your blog and drive traffic to it
  40. Start a 2nd Facebook page for your blog and 6 posts per day can help gaining more blog traffic.
  41. Facebook ad with your mobile responsive landing page can help in growing your email list.
  42. Grab the best Facebook marketing tips from these 21 small businesses.
  43. AdEspresso Tested Over 100 Different Facebook Ads in One Month – Here’s What They Learned.
  44. Pinterest-based inbound marketing strategy leads to 77% new website traffic.
  45. Use these seven steps to Double Your Traffic from Pinterest in 30 Days or less.
  46. Spend around 20 mins a week on Pinterest and drive traffic to your blog. This complete guide will show you how.
  47. 5 mind-blowing lessons from BuzzFeed on Pinterest.
  48. Learn these 5 steps how to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales.
  49. These 5 Pinterest marketing strategies can help in converting more blog traffic.
  50. By pinning on point with their customers’ tastes, Michael Kors has been able to capture the life behind their products on Pinterest.
  51. Learn how to get 9,000+ followers and 300+ re-pins per day from scratch.
  52. Want to Dominate Pinterest? Follow These 6 Tips.
  53. Secrets to Rapid Pinterest Growth for Bloggers.
  54. Linkedin’s publishing platform is way cooler than you can think. Jeff’s one of the post on LinkedIn publishing platform got 250,000+ views.
  55. Drive traffic to your blog via Whatsapp. WhatsApp has 400 million users who send 50 billion messages a day!
  56. Email marketing is still very popular marketing strategy. These 7 quick tips can help you getting more email open rates.
  57. Focus more on quality contents and engaging customers on social media can get you more traffic.
  58. You don’t guest post for links. You guest post for traffic.
  59. How can you get BETTER results from guest blogging?
  60. How to 100x the effectiveness of your next guest post. Use the EGP (Extended Guest Post) formula.
  61. Go from scratch to over 30,000 page views even though you have limited budget on promotion.
  62. BlogPRWire has nice 6 blogger outreach tips for your blog.
  63. iAquire’s 32 pages long PDF case study shows you the importance of outreach link building.
  64. See how this company had used direct mail marketing to gain more links, shares and mentioned. It was a part of $100 link building challenge.
  65. You don’t need more traffic. You need something else. Find out more here about “Free Beer” strategy.
  66. These popular 6 blogs have increased over million visitors in less than 2 years.
  67. Human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text.
  68. These 37 proven methods can help increasing blog traffic and boost engagement.
  69. 9 more ways you can increase your blog traffic without Search Engine Optimization or Social media marketing.
  70. The headline is the most important part of a blog post. 51 Quick Hacks That Will Make You Write Attractive Headlines.
  71. Find out top traffic sources of your blog and focus on them. Use Google analytics for conversion tracking.
  72. Slideshare from LinkedIn has over 18 million presentations, and an extra 400,000 decks being uploaded everyday. Use these deadly simple 3 tricks to get more traffic to your blog from slideshare.
  73. Karen is showing 101 ways to promote your blog and get more readers (Immediately!)
  74. Get More Blog Traffic NOW with These 25 Easy-To-Implement Tips.
  75. Everything You Need to Know to Increase Blog Traffic.
  76. Lengthy but quite useful guide on how to get 100,000 blog readers by hubspot
  77. How to get from 0 to 400K readers per month for your blog?
  78. 5 ways bloggers can use SEMRush to measure and increase traffic.
  79. User services like Toronto SEO services

Share your thoughts in the comment below about which resources you liked the most and why? Also, share any other resources you know and would like to add it on this list.