Videos are more likely to get clicked on and shared on social media than any other form of marketing, but you need to know what type of video content to use at which stage in order to have a successful campaign. This is both easier and harder than it sounds at the same time. Easier than most people make it out to be and harder than you might think if you don’t know what you are doing. On that note, let’s take a look at the three different stages of video marketing and how they can be used to get the best out of any video marketing plan.

Video Marketing - Three Stages


Brand Awareness

This is when you are trying to create awareness for your brand and therefore the content needs to be free, easy to understand and informative regarding who you are, what the company is about, what its morals and principles are, and what objectives and visions you have for the company, etc. Spiel Animations has an excellent record of creating exactly that with the help of beautiful, yet simple, and emotionally appealing concepts created by talented script writers and digital artists. 2-D animations have been proven to leave a lasting impression on people’s mind and that’s what you trying to do at this stage.

Consideration (“The Gentle Push”)

This is known as the “consideration” stage because this is the time when your target crowd is considering or judging you as a business. And, just to make sure that the leads which you have identified during the brand awareness campaign are indeed considering you, “the gentle push” is necessary. The video content at this stage will highlight your specialties, uniqueness, prowess, features and the like. The videos should also now be made in a way so as to cater to your specific target audience. Animation is still a good way to do this, but the video emails, product videos and testimonials should all be completely focused on your positives and your strengths. Live action videos with actual people providing the necessary testimonials are also a good way to go about it.

Decision (the Hard Push)

The final stage of conversion is when you are supposed to make the sale as the videos will now be targeting those leads that are looking to buy, but just weighing in their options before choosing one or the other. Video content should, at this stage, focus on frequently asked questions, instructional videos and incentives or emotional appeal; basically everything that should push your target crowd into making that all important decision of buying your product/service.

The best video marketing campaigns have always followed this three-fold strategy because when implemented properly, the chances of success are always going to be very high. Nevertheless, there are a few other things that you need to consider even before devising your video marketing strategy and they are as follows.

  • Not even a single video should be off the theme or visual language that you are trying to establish for your company
  • The videos should at no point be contradictory to each other
  • Each and every piece of content should be a part of the larger picture, i.e. future strategies and plans

Finally, once you see even a sliver of significant success, it’s a great idea to release a few “thank you” videos to show appreciation and celebrate without your customers. Those that you have converted will appreciate it and more will feel inclined to buy from you.