LinkedIn Company PageDo you want to make your LinkedIn Company Page stand out?

Are you looking for tips to take your LinkedIn Company Page to the next level?

If your answer is yes to any one of the above questions, than you are at the right place. I will share with you 35 different ways you can make your LinkedIn Page more engaging for your followers.

You might ask why to setup a LinkedIn company page?

Following are the most compelling reasons why you should have a LinkedIn Company page.

  • Over 3 million companies have a LinkedIn company page (as per mid-2013 stats)
  • More than 500,000 company pages were added between 2012 and 2013
  • There are 148 different industries represented on company pages
  • To date, there are 1,275,000 products and services highlighted across LinkedIn company pages

Convinced? Now login to your LinkedIn account and create a nice LinkedIn company page.

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn Company page, come back to this page and read following 35 tips to improve your LinkedIn Company Page and apply it. Go and get some more leads for your business. Linked is an ocean with full of business leads.

35 Ways to Improve LinkedIn Company Page

1. Write your company name exactly how it appears on your business card.

2. Design a custom banner for LinkedIn Company page and upload it. Use a logo, a tagline and a brief message about the company on the banner. LinkedIn Company Page Banner size is 646 px X 220 px. (You may can update this banner later with an important event or a webinar which your company might be doing.)

3. Add targeted keywords in the company description. Make sure you use this space wisely and write SEO friendly content.

4. LinkedIn recommends that 20 posts per month can reach 60% of your target audience. I recommend that you should write at least 1 or 2 updates for LinkedIn Company Page.

5. Integrate LinkedIn Company Page Share button on your company website.

6. Create a LinkedIn Group for your products / services.

7. Add Twitter Account with your LinkedIn Company page / Professional Profile.

8. Share YouTube Videos about your company’s products or services on LinkedIn Company Page.

9. Request all your LinkedIn Connections, Partners, Associates, Colleagues and Clients to review those on LinkedIn Company Page.

10. Create a “careers” tab on LinkedIn Company Page and post jobs. Google index it fast when post jobs on LinkedIn.

11. Integrate your company’s blog feed with LinkedIn company page.

12. Check LinkedIn Analytics for your company page regularly. See which content is most engaging and post updates accordingly. Also, find out how many visitors visited your company page. There are lots of meaningful data available.

13. Post Images and Videos more in updates than simply long boring texts.

14. Take interview of the CEO and share it on LinkedIn company page.

15. Please add “Products / Services / Portfolio” to the company page.

16. Choose an appropriate business category.

17. Please check this slideshow for inspiration –

18. Use LinkedIn Widgets / Plugins – on to your company website and blog.

19. Create a LinkedIn Company Showcase Page. Watch this video to find out how to create:

20. How to drive more engagement with the contents? Please check this infographics and post contents on your LinkedIn Company Page accordingly: – Another interesting presentation to check is this one:

21. Run LinkedIn Ad. Yes, you read it right. LinkedIn ad is very powerful and can attract targeted audience. Run an ad which can go to either your LinkedIn company page or a landing page.

22. Sponsor your contents / posts. Check LinkedIn Company Page Analytics and see which post / update is the most engaging and promote the same further with sponsor feature. It’s again a paid feature on LinkedIn but very useful.

23. Share client’s testimonials on LinkedIn Company Page.

24. Inform all your colleagues and employees to add your LinkedIn Company Page in their personal profile’s work section.

25. Submit Annual Report / Annual Events on LinkedIn Company Page.

26. Create nice infographic about company’s history or leadership team’s experience and share it on the page. One nice infographic which I like is this one:

27. Follow 4-1-1 Rule when posting LinkedIn Updates. 4 new contents, 1 reshare and 1 self promotion.

28. Get Insights with LinkedIn Company Page Analytics – Check it here:

29. Use a third party apps like or to create more engagement within your staff.

30. Inform all your employees to check this valuable resource and update their professional profiles accordingly:

31. Use a tool like Hoosuite to schedule posts on LinkedIn Company Page.

32. Follow your client’s LinkedIn company pages so that they can follow yours.

33. Get this report to create outstanding LinkedIn Company Page:

34. Promote company events on LinkedIn Company Page.

35. Share your press release links in company page updates.

Hope you guys found these tips interesting. If you think yo or your friends can benefits from this post, please share. In case you need any help with LinkedIn Profile Optimization or LinkedIn Marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact me on